Package accel-config

Configure accelerator subsystem devices

Utility library for configuring the accelerator subsystem.

Version: 2.8

General Commands

accel-config configure and control DSA(data streaminng accelerator) subsystem devices
accel-config-config-device configure the individual attributes of the device
accel-config-config-engine configure individual attributes of an engine
accel-config-config-group configure individual attributes of a group
accel-config-config-wq configure individual attributes of a work queue
accel-config-create-mdev create mdev to a specified workqueue by generating a random uuid and writing to workqueue sysfs. The workqueue has to be enabled before running this command and…
accel-config-disable-device disables an accfg device
accel-config-disable-wq disables an accelerator device work queue
accel-config-enable-device enable an accfg device
accel-config-enable-wq enables an accelerator device work queue
accel-config-list display the platform accfg device(s) topology and attributes in json format
accel-config-load-config load pre-defined the configuration in json format
accel-config-remove-mdev clear the uuid from a workqueue uuid list. If not uuid is specified, then entire uuid list in this workqueue will be removed.
accel-config-save-config save the configuration in json format into a file.