Package abrt-addon-vmcore

abrt's vmcore addon

This package contains plugin for collecting kernel crash information from
vmcore files.

Version: 2.17.5

See also: abrt, abrt-addon-ccpp, abrt-addon-kerneloops, abrt-addon-pstoreoops, abrt-addon-upload-watch, abrt-addon-xorg, abrt-dbus, abrt-gui, abrt-java-connector, abrt-plugin-bodhi, abrt-tui.

General Commands

abrt-action-analyze-vmcore Extracts the oops message from the kernel core and install the kernel debuginfo if needed
abrt-action-check-oops-for-hw-error Checks dmesg element, marks problem as not-reportable if hardware error is detected
abrt-harvest-vmcore Converts VMCores to ABRT problems

File Formats

abrt-vmcore.conf Configuration file for Configuration file for ABRT's VMCore addon
vmcore_event.conf alias for report_event.conf