Package abcMIDI

ABC to/from MIDI conversion utilities

The abcMIDI package contains four programs: abc2midi to convert ABC
music notation to MIDI, midi2abc to convert MIDI files to (a first
approximation to) the corresponding ABC, abc2abc to reformat and/or
transpose ABC files, and yaps to typeset ABC files as PostScript.

For a description of the ABC syntax, please see the ABC userguide
which is a part of the abcm2ps.

A mirror github repo is at

Version: 2022.12.09

General Commands

abc2abc a simple abc checker/re-formatter/transposer
abc2midi converts abc file to MIDI file(s)
mftext Dump a MIDI file as text
midi2abc program to convert MIDI format files to abc notation
midicopy Copy selected track, channel, time interval of a MIDI file to another MIDI file
yaps converts an abc file to a PostScript file