Package 3proxy

Tiny but very powerful proxy

3proxy -- light proxy server.
Universal proxy server with HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS v4, SOCKS v4a, SOCKS v5, FTP,
POP3, UDP and TCP portmapping, access control, bandwith control, traffic
limitation and accounting based on username, client IP, target IP, day time,
day of week, etc.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
3proxy.cfg 3proxy configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
3proxy 3[APA3A] tiny proxy server, or trivial proxy server, or free proxy server
ftppr FTP proxy gateway service
icqpr ICQ (AOL OSCAR) proxy
pop3p POP3 proxy gateway service
proxy HTTP proxy gateway service
smtpp SMTP proxy gateway service
socks SOCKS 4/4.5/5 gateway service
tcppm TCP port mapper
udppm UDP port mapper