Package 389-ds-base-devel

Development libraries for 389 Directory Server

Development Libraries and headers for the 389 Directory Server base package.

Version: 3.0.1

See also: 389-ds-base, 389-ds-base-snmp.

Library Functions

sds_bptree SDS B+Tree
sds_bptree_cow SDS Copy on Write B+Tree
sds_bptree_cow_instance sds_bptree_cow_instance
sds_bptree_instance sds_bptree_instance
sds_bptree_node sds_bptree_node
sds_bptree_node_list sds_bptree_node_list
sds_bptree_transaction sds_bptree_transaction
sds_ht_instance sds_ht_instance
sds_ht_node sds_ht_node
sds_ht_slot sds_ht_slot
sds_ht_value sds_ht_value
sds_lqueue SDS Lock Free Queue
sds_misc SDS Miscelaneous
sds_queue sds_queue
sds_queue_node sds_queue_node
sds_tqueue sds_tqueue