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ttk::spinbox pathName ?options?


A ttk::spinbox widget is a ttk::entry widget with built-in up and down buttons that are used to either modify a numeric value or to select among a set of values. The widget implements all the features of the ttk::entry widget including support of the -textvariable option to link the value displayed by the widget to a Tcl variable.

Standard Options


See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options.

Standard Options

-validate	-validatecommand

See the ttk_entry manual entry for details on the standard options.

Widget-Specific Options

Command-Line Name:-command
Database Name:command
Database Class:Command

Specifies a Tcl command to be invoked whenever a spinbutton is invoked.

Command-Line Name:-format
Database Name:format
Database Class:Format

Specifies an alternate format to use when setting the string value when using the -from and -to range. This must be a format specifier of the form %<pad>.<pad>f, as it will format a floating-point number.

Command-Line Name:-from
Database Name:from
Database Class:From

A floating-point value specifying the lowest value for the spinbox. This is used in conjunction with -to and -increment to set a numerical range.

Command-Line Name:-increment
Database Name:increment
Database Class:Increment

A floating-point value specifying the change in value to be applied each time one of the widget spin buttons is pressed. The up button applies a positive increment, the down button applies a negative increment.

Command-Line Name:-to
Database Name:to
Database Class:To

A floating-point value specifying the highest permissible value for the widget. See also -from and -increment. range.

Command-Line Name:-values
Database Name:values
Database Class:Values

This must be a Tcl list of values. If this option is set then this will override any range set using the -from, -to and -increment options. The widget will instead use the values specified beginning with the first value.

Command-Line Name:-wrap
Database Name:wrap
Database Class:Wrap

Must be a proper boolean value.  If on, the spinbox will wrap around the values of data in the widget.


See the ttk::entry manual for information about indexing characters.


See the ttk::entry manual for information about using the -validate and -validatecommand options.

Widget Command

The following subcommands are possible for spinbox widgets in addition to the commands described for the ttk::entry widget:

pathName get

Returns the spinbox's current value.

pathName set value

Set the spinbox string to value. If a -format option has been configured then this format will be applied. If formatting fails or is not set or the -values option has been used then the value is set directly.

Virtual Events

The spinbox widget generates a <<Increment>> virtual event when the user presses <Up>, and a <<Decrement>> virtual event when the user presses <Down>.

Styling Options

The class name for a ttk::spinbox is TSpinbox.

Dynamic states: active, disabled, focus, readonly.

TSpinbox styling options configurable with ttk::style are:

-arrowcolor color
-arrowsize amount
-background color

For backwards compatibility, when using the aqua theme (for macOS), this option behaves as an alias for the -fieldbackground provided that no value is specified for -fieldbackground. Otherwise it is ignored.

-bordercolor color

-darkcolor color
-fieldbackground color
-foreground color
-insertcolor color
-insertwidth amount
-lightcolor color
-padding padding
-selectbackground color
-selectforeground color

Some options are only available for specific themes.

See the ttk::style manual page for information on how to configure ttk styles.

See Also

ttk::widget(n), ttk::entry(n), spinbox(n)


entry, spinbox, widget, text field


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