ttk_sizegrip man page

ttk::sizegrip — Bottom-right corner resize widget


ttk::sizegrip pathName ?options?


A ttk::sizegrip widget (also known as a grow box) allows the user to resize the containing toplevel window by pressing and dragging the grip.

Standard Options

-class -cursor -state
-style -takefocus

See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options.

Widget Command

Sizegrip widgets support the standard cget, configure, identify, instate, and state methods.  No other widget methods are used.

Platform-Specific Notes

On Mac OSX, toplevel windows automatically include a built-in size grip by default. Adding a ttk::sizegrip there is harmless, since the built-in grip will just mask the widget.


Using pack:

pack [ttk::frame $top.statusbar] -side bottom -fill x
pack [ttk::sizegrip $top.statusbar.grip] -side right -anchor se

Using grid:

grid [ttk::sizegrip $top.statusbar.grip] \
    -row $lastRow -column $lastColumn -sticky se
# ... optional: add vertical scrollbar in $lastColumn,
# ... optional: add horizontal scrollbar in $lastRow


If the containing toplevel's position was specified relative to the right or bottom of the screen (e.g., “wm geometry ... wxh-x-y” instead of “wm geometry ... wxh+x+y”), the sizegrip widget will not resize the window.

ttk::sizegrip widgets only support “southeast” resizing.

See Also



widget, sizegrip, grow box


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