ttk_menubutton man page

ttk::menubutton — Widget that pops down a menu when pressed


ttk::menubutton pathName ?options?


A ttk::menubutton widget displays a textual label and/or image, and displays a menu when pressed.

Standard Options

-class	-compound	-cursor
-image	-state	-style
-takefocus	-text	-textvariable
-underline	-width

See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options.

Widget-Specific Options

Command-Line Name:-direction
Database Name:direction
Database Class:Direction
Specifies where the menu is to be popped up relative to the menubutton. One of: above, below, left, right, or flush. The default is below. flush pops the menu up directly over the menubutton.
Command-Line Name:-menu
Database Name:menu
Database Class:Menu
Specifies the path name of the menu associated with the menubutton. To be on the safe side, the menu ought to be a direct child of the menubutton.

Widget Command

Menubutton widgets support the standard cget, configure, identify, instate, and state methods. No other widget methods are used.

Standard Styles

Ttk::menubutton widgets support the Toolbutton style in all standard themes, which is useful for creating widgets for toolbars.

See Also

ttk::widget(n), menu(n), menubutton(n)


widget, button, menu


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