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Symbolic differentiation for Tcl


package require Tcl  8.5

package require grammar::aycock  1.0

package require math::calculus::symdiff  1.0.1

math::calculus::symdiff::symdiff expression variable

math::calculus::jacobian variableDict


The math::calculus::symdiff package provides a symbolic differentiation facility for Tcl math expressions. It is useful for providing derivatives to packages that either require the Jacobian of a set of functions or else are more efficient or stable when the Jacobian is provided.


The math::calculus::symdiff package exports the two procedures:

math::calculus::symdiff::symdiff expression variable

Differentiates the given expression with respect to the specified variable. (See Expressions below for a discussion of the subset of Tcl math expressions that are acceptable to math::calculus::symdiff.) The result is a Tcl expression that evaluates the derivative. Returns an error if expression is not a well-formed expression or is not differentiable.

math::calculus::jacobian variableDict

Computes the Jacobian of a system of equations. The system is given by the dictionary variableDict, whose keys are the names of variables in the system, and whose values are Tcl expressions giving the values of those variables. (See Expressions below for a discussion of the subset of Tcl math expressions that are acceptable to math::calculus::symdiff. The result is a list of lists: the i'th element of the j'th sublist is the partial derivative of the i'th variable with respect to the j'th variable. Returns an error if any of the expressions cannot be differentiated, or if variableDict is not a well-formed dictionary.


The math::calculus::symdiff package accepts only a small subset of the expressions that are acceptable to Tcl commands such as expr or if. Specifically, the only constructs accepted are:

Command substitution, backslash substitution, and argument expansion are not accepted.


math::calculus::symdiff::symdiff {($a*$x+$b)*($c*$x+$d)} x
==> (($c * (($a * $x) + $b)) + ($a * (($c * $x) + $d)))
math::calculus::symdiff::jacobian {x {$a * $x + $b * $y}
                         y {$c * $x + $d * $y}}
==> {{$a} {$b}} {{$c} {$d}}

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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See Also

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