lrepeat man page

lrepeat — Build a list by repeating elements


lrepeat count ?element ...?


The lrepeat command creates a list of size count * number of elements by repeating count times the sequence of elements element ....  count must be a non-negative integer, element can be any Tcl value.  Note that lrepeat 1 element ... is identical to list element ....


lrepeat 3 a
      → a a a
lrepeat 3 [lrepeat 3 0]
      → {0 0 0} {0 0 0} {0 0 0}
lrepeat 3 a b c
      → a b c a b c a b c
lrepeat 3 [lrepeat 2 a] b c
      → {a a} b c {a a} b c {a a} b c

See Also

list(n), lappend(n), linsert(n), llength(n), lset(n)


element, index, list

Referenced By


8.5 Tcl Built-In Commands