img-bmp - Man Page

Img, Windows Bitmap Format (bmp)


package require Tk

package require img::bmp  ?1.4?

image create photo ?name? ?options?


The package img::bmp is a sub-package of Img. It can be loaded as a part of the complete Img support, via package require Img, or on its own, via package require img::bmp.

Like all packages of Img it does not provide new commands, but extends the existing Tk command image so that it supports files containing raster images in the Windows Bitmap Format (bmp). More specifically img::bmp extends Tk's photo image type.

The name of the new format handler is bmp. This handler does not provide additional configuration options.

All of the above means that in a call like

image create photo ?name? ?options?

Image data in bmp format (options -data and -file) is detected automatically.


The format name bmp is recognized by the option -format.

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bmp, image handling, tk


1.4 Img