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Online man pages vs local man pages

We've covered some nifty ways to load man pages from mankier.com in your browser, and some alternative online man page resources. We've also covered some ways of loading local man pages in your browser. These local man pages will generally cover all available commands on your system, and will match the exact version of the command you want to run. So why would you ever use online versions of man pages?

Why use mankier.com? Here's why:

  • If you refer to a command in a post on the web or in an email, it's often handy to include a link for the reader. That way they canquickly find have a look at the command's man page, the s.
  • Unless you're using Konqueror, the methods of loading a local man page in your browser all require more steps than using online versions.

    Quick overview of sections, links to sections

    easier on the eye

    Browser and terminal windows side by side. Handy to have man page in browser


    When not to use online versions

    • When you don't have an Internet connection!
    • When you're looking up something specific to your system, or that is likely to differ from the most common scenario. For example, if you're on a rather old machine, it's likely the command options will have changed over time.