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ZoneMinder tool to import camera controls and presets

Synopsis [--user=<dbuser> --pass=<dbpass>]
              [--import [file.sql] [--overwrite]]
              [--export [name]]
              [--topreset id [--noregex]]


This script provides a way to import new ptz camera controls & camera presets into existing zoneminder systems. This script also provides a way to export ptz camera controls & camera presets from an existing zoneminder system into a sql file, which can then be easily imported to another zoneminder system.


 --export            - Export all camera controls and presets to STDOUT.
                       Optionally specify a control or preset name.
 --import [file.sql] - Import new camera controls and presets found in
                       zm_create.sql into the ZoneMinder dB.
                       Optionally specify an alternate sql file to read from.
 --overwrite         - Overwrite any existing controls or presets.
                       with the same name as the new controls or presets.
 --topreset id       - Copy a monitor to a Camera Preset given the monitor id.
 --noregex           - Do not try to find and replace fields such as usernames,
                       passwords, IP addresses, etc with generic placeholders
                       when converting a monitor to a preset.
 --help              - Print usage information.
 --user=<dbuser>     - Alternate dB user with privileges to alter dB.
 --pass=<dbpass>     - Password of alternate dB user with privileges to alter dB.
 --version           - Print version.


2024-02-04 zoneminder