yum-langpacks man page

yum-langpacks — Plugin for yum


yum [command] [package ...]


yum-langpacks is a plugin for yum to install language packs. This plugin allows user various commands.

command is one of:
* langavailable [language1] [language2] [...]
* langinfo [language1] [language2] [...]
* langinstall [language1] [language2] [...]
* langlist [language1] [language2] [...]
* langremove [language1] [language2] [...]


This command allows user to find if language support is available for the given input languages.


This command allows user to check which packages will get installed when the given input language support is installed.


This command allows user to install language packs for the given input languages.


This command prints list of the installed languages.


This command allows user to remove the installed language packs for a given input languages.


  To check what packages get installed for language codes de, hi and language names Japanese and Portuguese (Brazil).
  yum langinfo de "Japanese" hi "Portuguese (Brazil)"


  These commands accept language codes or language names or mix of them as a input.
  General usage for end users is like this:
  1) Use langavailable command to see if required language support is available.
  2) If found, use langinfo command with the input, language name or language code
     from above step to query what translation packages it provides.
  3) If you want to install this language then use langinstall command.

  The langinstall command only install translation packages for which its core
  package is already installed.

See Also

yum (8)


Please report any bugs in Red Hat bugzilla, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Fedora


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