yadifa man page

YADIFA is an utility for controlling YADIFAD


yadifa [--config|-c configfile] [-s host] [@host ] [-K key-name] [--version|-V] [-h] [--verbose|-v] [-t] command [[-q] zone]


yadifa controls the operation of yadifad.

yadifa communicates with a name server over a TCP connection. The protocol used between client - server is an extension of the DNS protocol. The authentication is done by a mutual key between client and server. This key has the same format as a TSIG. Authentication is not needed, but provides more secure communication if used.

Several algorithms can be used for creating a TSIG:


[--config|-c configfile]

Another config file will be used.

[--server|-s host] | [ @host ]

Host is the remote server to operate.  If used with a different port: e.g.: ./yadifa --server " port 5353"

[-k key-name]

Name of the key to be used for the controller.


verbose output.


Show version information.


Show a help text


[-t] freeze [-q] zone

disables updates to a zone.

[-t] unfreeze [-q] zone

enables updates to a zone.

[-t] reload [-q] zone

triggers the loading of the zone file(s) if the serial number is incremented.

[-t] cfgreload

reload the settings from the configuration file.

[-t] zonecfgreload

[-q zone]
reload the zone information in the configuration file and reload the zone file(s) with increased serial number.  If a zone is specified only that zone section is reloaded.

[-t] sync [-q] zone [--clean]

write the zone to disk and optionally removes the journal.  The extra [--clean] option will remove the journal.

[-t] querylog --enable|--disable

sets the log for queries on or off.

[-t] loglevel {--level|-l} level

sets the log level to the given value (0-15).

[-t] logreopen

close all log files and reopens them.

[-t] shutdown

shuts down the server.



The name server remote client.


The default yadifa configuration file.


default rcfile.


Configuration man page for yadifa.


This man page.

See Also

yadifa.rc(5) yadifad(8)



yadifad requires OpenSSL version 0.9.8 or later.


Please check the ChangeLog file from the sources code.


Version: 2.3.9 of 2019-02-11.


There is a mailinglist for questions relating to any program in the yadifa package:

If you would like to stay informed about new versions and official patches send a subscription request to  via:

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Gery Van Emelen
Email: Gery.VanEmelen@EURid.eu
Eric Diaz Fernandez
Email: Eric.DiazFernandez@EURid.eu

WWW: http://www.EURid.eu

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