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xrdp-dumpfv1 - Man Page

Display content of .fv1 font files


xrdp-dumpfv1 [ options ] fv1_file


xrdp-dumpfv1 can be used to display the contents of an fv1 file.


A summary of options is included below.

One of -i, -t, or -c must be specified.


Displays general information about the fv1 file.


Displays a CSV table of all the glyphs in the font. This table can be imported into a spreadsheet program for further manipulation.

-c <character>

Displays detailed information about a particular glyph in the font, including a representation of the bitmap for the glyph.

Specify the character using one of the following strings:

U+<hex> - Unicode character, e.g. U+25 for a percentage symbol (%).

@<char> - Unicode character, e.g. @% for a percentage symbol.

number - Unicode value as an integer, e.g. 37 for a percentage symbol

Note that the row numbers shown in the font data are relative to the natural font baseline. If comparing two fonts, be aware that when the glyph is drawn, the row number may be affected by the global descender value for the font (displayed with -i).


xrdp-dumpfv1 -i /usr/share/xrdp/sans-10.fv1

Displays global information about the sans 10 font file distributed with xrdp.

xrdp-dumpfv1 -c @'*' /usr/share/xrdp/sans-10.fv1

Displays information about the asterisk symbol in the sans 10 font file distributed with xrdp.

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