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xfs_scrub_all - Man Page

scrub all mounted XFS filesystems


xfs_scrub_all [ -hV ]


xfs_scrub_all attempts to read and check all the metadata on all mounted XFS filesystems. The online scrub is performed via the xfs_scrub tool, either by running it directly or by using systemd to start it in a restricted fashion. Mounted filesystems are mapped to physical storage devices so that scrub operations can be run in parallel so long as no two scrubbers access the same device simultaneously.



Display help.


Prints the version number and exits.

Exit Code

The exit code returned by xfs_scrub_all is the sum of the following conditions:
0 - No errors
4 - File system errors left uncorrected
8 - Operational error
16 - Usage or syntax error

These are the same error codes returned by xfs_scrub.

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