x2gosuspend-session - Man Page

Suspend an X2Go Session


x2gosuspend-session <session_id>


x2gosuspend-session suspends the running session with session ID <session_id>.

This command is normally issued by an X2Go client application with X2Go user privileges.

Return Values

x2gosuspend-session reports to stderr if resuming of session <session_id> failed. This very probably means that the session's X agent has died, so the session <session_id> will be marked as finished in the X2Go session database.

As exitcode x2gosuspend-session always returns 0.

See Also

x2gostartagent(8), x2goruncommand(8), x2goresume-session(8), x2goterminate-session(8)


This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> for the X2Go project (https://www.x2go.org).

Referenced By

x2golistsessions(8), x2golistshadowsessions(8), x2goresume-session(8), x2goruncommand(8), x2goserver-run-extensions(8), x2gostartagent(8), x2gosuspend-desktopsharing(8), x2goterminate-session(8).

Nov 2018 Version X2Go Server Tool