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x2gomountdirs - Man Page

Share Client-Side Folder with X2Go Session


x2gomountdirs <mount_type> <session_id> <username> <key_file> <dir1> [<dir2> [<dir3> [...]]]


x2gomountdirs mounts client-side folders or devices onto mountpoints that are accessible from within your remote X2Go session.

x2gomountdirs is run with X2Go user privileges and normally issued by an X2Go client application.



If the mount type is set to ,,dir'' then the client-side mount target is interpreted as a folder. If other, it is interpreted as a device.


The <session_id> is the unique identifier of the X2Go session that this command is run for.


The owner of session <session_id> is given as the <username> argument.


Location of a temporary private SSH key file (only valid for this command execution).

<dir1> [<dir2> [<dir3> [...]]]

A list of client-side folders or device mount points that shall be mounted for X2Go session <session_id>.


X2Go uses the fuse-based SSH filesystem (SSHFS) for sharing client-side file resources with X2Go sessions. Users that shall use X2Go folder sharing must be members of the X2Go server's ,,fuse'' POSIX group.

Return Values

x2gomountdirs returns some mount point information to stdout if the mounting process has been successful. The mount results are printed line-by-line. The individual lines must be interpreted as shown below:

   line 01: dirs:<local_path>__REVERSESSH_PORT__<sshfs_port>
   line 02: ssh port:<sshfs_port>
   line 03: Host:<client_ip>
   line 04: User:<user>
   line 05: inserted, sshfs  -o <options> \
               "<user">@<client_ip>:"<local_path>" \
               "<server_path>" -p <sshfs_port>
   line 06: mount <local_path> ok
   line 07: fname: <desktop_icon_name>

If mounting of a client folder fails, either of the errors is returned (on stdout):

   error 01: mounting of <local_path> failed
   error 02: insertion of <local_path> failed (already mounted?), not mounting

As exitcode x2gomoundirs always returns 0.

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This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> for the X2Go project (https://www.x2go.org).

Referenced By

x2golistmounts(8), x2goshowblocks(8), x2goumount-session(8).

Aug 2023 Version X2Go Server Tool