wwsympa - Man Page

WWSympa, Sympa's web interface


This FastCGI script completely handles all aspects of the Sympa web interface.

To know details on WWSympa, see Sympa Administration Manual: <https://www.sympa.community/manual/>.


WWSympa was initially written by:

The first alpha version of WWSympa appeared on Sympa 2.3.4.

Referenced By

auth.conf(5), automatic_lists_description.conf(5), bounced(8), crawlers_detection.conf(5), edit_list.conf(5), Sympa::Archive.3Sympa(3), Sympa::Spool::Auth.3Sympa(3), Sympa::Spool::Held.3Sympa(3), Sympa::Spool::Moderation.3Sympa(3), sympa_toc(1), task_manager(8), topics.conf(5), trusted_applications.conf(5).

2023-07-22 sympa 6.2.72