wickedd - Man Page

network management daemon


wickedd [options]


wickedd provides a service for managing network interfaces. It monitors the system's interfaces by retrieving relevant information from the kernel via netlink, sysfs and other interfaces.

It can be accessed via a DBus service, which can be used to reconfigure interfaces, bring them up or take them down.


Additionally to the main wickedd daemon, wicked framework provides several helper daemons and supplicants:

wickedd-nannyEvent driven policy daemon responsible for hotplugging.
wickedd-dhcp6DHCPv6 client supplicant
wickedd-dhcp4DHCPv4 client supplicant
wickedd-auto4IPv4 autoip supplicant

Further, it communicates also with external supplicants:

wpa-supplicantWireless (WPA) support



Show available options and exit.


Show name and version.

--config filename

By default, the daemon reads its configuration from /etc/wicked/server.xml. The --config options allows you to specify a different configuration file.

--debug facility

Enable debugging for facility. By specifying most as the debug facility, most useful debug options will be enabled. You can also specify several facilities, separated by commas. Prepending a minus will turn off the specified facility. For instance, to enable all debugging facilities except reporting of events, use "all,-events".

The list of available facilities can be obtained using "--debug help".

--log-level level

Set log level to one of <error|warning|notice|info|debug>.

--log-target target

Set log target to one of <stderr|syslog>, optionally followed by a colon and target specific details.

stderr[:options] with the following options: pid include program pid in each message

syslog[:facility[:options]] with following facilities: user, daemon, local0 .. local7 and options: perror log the message to stderr as well


Tell the daemon to not background itself at startup.


By default, wickedd does not read previously saved state when starting. With this options set, wickedd will load any saved state and recover valid address configuration.


Forces wickedd to use the syslog target for logging. This also forces wickedd to not report any transient return codes.



specifies the global configuration of the daemon. This file may pull in additional configuration data from the same directory.


Location of the PID file written by the daemon when backgrounding itself. The pid directory be changed in the configuration file.

See Also

wicked(8), wicked-config(5), wicked(5).


Please report bugs at <https://bugzilla.novell.com/index.cgi>


Olaf Kirch

Referenced By

wicked(7), wicked(8), wicked-config(5).

16 July 2012