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watch-multiple-mimedefangs - Man Page

Keep an eye on a cluster of MIMEDefang machines


watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl [-n] [-r] [-s] [-t] [-archive] machine-1 machine-2 ... machine-N


watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl is a Tk script that graphically displays the status of mimedefang-multiplexor(8) on a cluster of machines.  Note that Tcl/Tk 8.4 or higher is required to run watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl.

If you supply the -archive command-line option, then watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl logs the output of md-mx-ctrl rawload for each machine.  The output for machine_name is logged in:


If you supply any of -n, -r, -s or -t options, then watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl uses the rawload1 command rather than rawload command to read performance data.  Do not use these options unless all monitored machines are running MIMEDefang 2.74 or newer!.

The -n, -r, -s, and -t options enable monitoring of scan times, filter_relay times, filter_sender times and filter_recipient times, respectively.


To use watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl to monitor a cluster of machines, you need the following prerequisites:


For each machine specified on the command line, watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl creates a chart with five columns.  The columns are:

Machine Menu

If you click on a machine name, a menu with three options pops up:


Open an xterm session and ssh as root to the machine.

Busy Workers

Monitor the busy workers on the machine.  If you click on the process-ID of a worker, an xterm will open up and the command "strace -s 100 -t -p pid" will be executed on the remote machine.  This is Linux-specific, but you can edit watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl to replace the command with your particular system's command for tracing system calls.


Remove the machine from the list of machines being monitored.

Adding a Machine

If you need to add a machine to the display, simply type the name of the machine in the "Add Machine:" box and press Enter.


watch-multiple-mimdefangs.tcl was written by Dianne Skoll.

See Also

mimedefang.pl(8), mimedefang-filter(5), mimedefang(8), mimedefang-protocol(7), md-mx-ctrl(8), watch-mimedefang(8)

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12 January 2007