vmad - Man Page

Mellanox's Messaging Accelerator (VMA) daemon.


vmad [--console] [--pid,-p num] [--fid,-f num] [--force-rst] [--verbose,-v level]


vmad is the daemon program for vma (7).

vmad can be configured using command-line options

The options are as follows:

--console Enable foreground mode.

--pid,-p num

Set prime number as maximum of processes per node.

--fid,-f num

Set prime number as maximum of sockets per process.


Force internal RST.

--verbose,-v level

Output verbose level

See Also

vma(7), vma_stats(8)


Igor Ivanov <igori@mellanox.com>

Referenced By

vma(7), vma_stats(8).

09 Nov 2021 libvma VMA(9.4.0) User's Manual