vma_stats - Man Page

Mellanox's Messaging Accelerator (VMA) statistic utility.


vma_stats [-p pid] [-k directory] [-v view] [-d details] [-i interval] [-n application] [-f] [-F] [-c cycles] [-l level] [-z]


vma_stats is program that reports information about sockets and internal related objects for vma (7). vma_stats can be configured using command-line options

The options are as follows:

-p,--pid id Show VMA statistics for process with pid.


Set shared memory directory path.


Show VMA statistics for application.


Find and show statistics for VMA instance running.


By setting this flag inactive shared objects would not be removed.


Print report every interval seconds.


Do report print cycles and exit, use 0 value for infinite.


Set view type: 1- basic info, 2- extra info, 3- full info, 4- mc groups, 5- similar to 'netstat -tunaep'.


Set details mode:1- to see totals, 2- to see deltas.


Zero counters.


Set VMA log level (one of: none, panic, error, warn, info, details, debug, fine, finer, all).

-S,--fd_dump=fd [level]

Dump statistics for fd number using log level. Use 0 value for all open fds.


Set VMA log details level.


Log only sockets that match list or range, format: 4-16 or 1,9 (or combination).


Print version.

See Also

vma(7), vmad(8)


Igor Ivanov <igori@mellanox.com>

Referenced By

vma(7), vmad(8).

09 Nov 2021 libvma VMA(9.4.0) User's Manual