vdpa-mgmtdev - Man Page

vdpa management device view


vdpa mgmtdev { COMMAND| help }

OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] }

vdpa mgmtdev show [ MGMTDEV ]

vdpa mgmtdev help


vdpa mgmtdev show - display vdpa management device attributes

MGMTDEV - specifies the vdpa management device to show. If this argument is omitted all management devices are listed.


vdpa mgmtdev show

Shows all the vdpa management devices on the system.

vdpa mgmtdev show bar

Shows the specified vdpa management device.

See Also

vdpa(8), vdpa-dev(8),


Parav Pandit <parav@nvidia.com>

Referenced By

vdpa(8), vdpa-dev(8).

5 Jan 2021 iproute2 Linux