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vdoforcerebuild - Man Page

prepare a VDO device to exit read-only mode


vdoforcerebuild filename


vdoforcerebuild forces an existing VDO device to exit read-only mode and to attempt to regenerate as much metadata as possible.

filename must be the path of the VDODataLV as described in lvmvdo(7). Since lvchange(8) will only mount that as read-only, a writable version of that device must be manually created, as shown in the example below.



Print this help message and exit.


Show the version of vdoforcerebuild.


# lvchange -ay vdo1/vdo0pool_vdata
# dmsetup table vdo1-vdo0pool_vdata > vdata.table
# lvchange -an vdo1/vdo0pool_vdata
# dmsetup create vdo1-vdo0pool_vdata --table "`cat vdata.table`"
# vdoforcerebuild /dev/mapper/vdo1-vdo0pool_vdata
# dmsetup remove vdo1-vdo0pool_vdata

See Also

lvmvdo(7), lvchange(8), dmsetup(8)


2023-04-14 Red Hat