ufdbupdate - Man Page

download a URL database


ufdbUpdate [-v]


ufdbUpdate downloads a new URL database and signals ufdbguardd to load it.

ufdbUpdate is normally called by cron. See also crontab(1) and the ufdbGuard Reference Manual  for more details.



give a verbose output of all steps. This options is used when ufdbguard is installed and for debugging purposes.

Until version 1.31 it was required to edit the ufdbUpdate script to add the username and password for the daily download of the URL database. Starting with version 1.31 this is no longer required and ufdbUpdate parses configuration files to retrieve the username and password. See Files and the Reference Manual for more details.



See Also

ufdbguardd(1), ReferenceManual_1_34.pdf,  http://www.urlfilterdb.com/en/downloads/documentation.html.


The developers of URLfilterDB - http://www.urlfilterdb.com


28/2/2019 Release 1.34