tuned - Man Page

dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon


tuned [options]


tuned is a dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon that tunes system settings dynamically depending on usage.


-d,  --daemon

This options starts tuned as a daemon as opposed to in the foreground without forking at startup.

-D,  --debug

Sets the highest logging level. This could be very useful when having trouble with tuned.

-h,  --help

Show this help.

-l [LOG], --log[=LOG]

Log to the file LOG. If no LOG file is specified /var/log/tuned/tuned.log is used.


Do not attach to DBus.

-P [PID], --pid[=PID]

Write process ID to the PID file. If no PID file is specified /run/tuned/tuned.pid is used.

-p PROFILE, --profile PROFILE

Tunning profile to be activated. It will override other settings (e.g. from tuned-adm). This is intended for debugging purposes.

-v,  --version

Show version information.



See Also

tuned.conf(5) tuned-adm(8)


Jan Kaluža <jkaluza@redhat.com>
Jan Včelák <jvcelak@redhat.com>
Jaroslav Škarvada <jskarvad@redhat.com>
Phil Knirsch <pknirsch@redhat.com>

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/.

Referenced By

diskdevstat(8), netdevstat(8), netsniff-ng(8), scomes(8), trafgen(8), tuned-adm(8), tuned.conf(5), tuned-gui(8), tuned-main.conf(5), tuned-profiles(7), tuned-profiles-atomic(7), tuned-profiles-compat(7), tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning(7), tuned-profiles-mssql(7), tuned-profiles-nfv-guest(7), tuned-profiles-nfv-host(7), tuned-profiles-openshift(7), tuned-profiles-oracle(7), tuned-profiles-postgresql(7), tuned-profiles-realtime(7), tuned-profiles-sap(7), tuned-profiles-sap-hana(7), tuned-profiles-spectrumscale-ece(7), tuned_selinux(8), varnetload(8).

28 Mar 2012 Fedora Power Management SIG Adaptive system tuning daemon