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tracer - Man Page

finds outdated running applications in your system


Tracer determines which applications use outdated files and prints them. For special kind of applications such as services or daemons, it suggests a standard command to restart it. Detecting whether file is outdated or not is based on a simple idea. If application has loaded in memory any version of a file which is provided by any package updated since system was booted up, tracer consider this application as outdated.



--version             print program version

-h, --help            show this help message and exit

-q, --quiet           do not print additional information

-v, --verbose         print more informations. Use -v or -vv


--helpers             not list applications, but list their helpers

-i, --interactive     run tracer in interactive mode. Print numbered
                      applications and give helpers based on numbers

-s app_name [app_name ...], --show app_name [app_name ...]
                      show helper for given application

-a, --all             list even session and unrestartable applications

--daemons-only, --services-only
                      list only daemons/services

--hooks-only          do not print traced applications, only run their hooks

                      since when the updates should be

-n, --now             when there are specified packages, dont look for time
                      of their update. Use "now" instead


-u username, --user username

-r, --root

-e, --everyone


                      options: packages | processes | rules | applications | system
                      dump informations that tracer can use

Exit Codes

Status codes and their meanings:

| Status code | Meaning                          |
| 1-99        | Error exit codes                 |
| 0           | No affected applications         |
| 101         | Found some affected applications |
| 102         | Found some affected daemons      |
| 103         | Session restart needed           |
| 104         | Reboot needed                    |


Show your applications which needs restarting (basic usage)

Show informations about application
    tracer --show mysqld

Show even affected files of the application
    tracer --show mysqld -vv

In interactive mode show all applications modified only through packages changed since timestamp
    tracer -iat 1414248388.04


FrostyX <frostyx@email.cz>


Jun 07, 2024 recent Tracer