tpm_nvinfo - Man Page


tpm_nvinfo [OPTIONS]


tpm_nvinfo displays information about defined NVRAM areas. The user may restrict it to display only a single NVRAM area by providing an index or may choose ton only list available NVRAM areas indices without displaying the NVRAM areas' detailed information.

The following options are supported:

-h,  --help

Display command usage info.

-v,  --version

Display command version info.

-l,  --log [none|error|info|debug]

Set logging level.

-i,  --index (optional parameter)

Only display the NVRAM area with the given index. If this option is not provided all NVRAM areas will be displayed.

-n,  --list-only (optional parameter)

Only display the defined NVRAM areas' indices.

See Also

tpm_nvdefine(8), tpm_nvread(8), tpm_nvwrite(8), tpm_nvrelease(8)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

Referenced By

tpm_nvdefine(8), tpm_nvread(8), tpm_nvrelease(8), tpm_nvwrite(8).

2011-07-07 TPM Management