tpm2-abrmd man page

tpm2-abrmd — TPM2 access broker and resource management daemon


tpm2-abrmd [-c][-o][-l logger-name][-r][-s][-p /dev/urandom][-t tcti-name] [tcti-specific-options]


tpm2-abrmd is a daemon that implements the TPM access broker and resource manager as described by the Trusted Computing Group (TGC) in the “TSS System Level API and TPM Command Transmission Interface Specification”. This daemon uses the DBus system bus and some pipes to communicate with clients.



Set an upper bound on the number of concurrent client connections allowed. Once this number of client connections is reached new connections will be rejected with an error.


Cause the daemon to fail on startup when the TPM is found to already have transient objects loaded. This is intended as a safe-guard to keep the daemon from stomping on the TPM state setup by another process.


Direct logging output to named logging target. Supported targets are stdout and syslog. If the logger option is not specified the default is stdout.


Set an upper bound on the number of transient objects that each client connection allowed to load. Once this number of objects is reached attempts to load new transient objects will produce an error.


Claim the given name on dbus. This option overrides the default of


Read seed for pseudo-random number generator from the provided file.


Connect daemon to the session dbus. This option overrides the default behavior.


Select the TCTI used by tabd for communication with the next component down the TSS stack. In most configurations this will be the TPM but it could be a simulator or proxy. Supported TCTIs are “none” or “device” or “socket” .


Specify the TPM device file for use by the device TCTI. The default is /dev/tpm0.


Specify the domain name or IP address used by the socket TCTI. The default is


Specify the port number used by the socket TCTI. The default is 2321.


Disply version string.


Philip Tricca <>

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InitDeviceTcti(3), InitSocketTcti(3), tcti-device(7), tcti-socket(7), tcti-tabrmd(7), tss2_tcti_tabrmd_init(3).

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