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tntnet - Man Page

web application server for c++


tntnet [-c file] [--logall]

tntnet-C [-q query-string] componentId ...


This manual page documents briefly the tntnet command.

tntnet is a web server that can generate dynamic content via precompiled C++ modules.


A summary of options is included below.

-c file

Use file as the configuration file. If the -c is omitted, the first nonoption
 argument is used as the config file.


Initialize logging earlier. Normally logging is initialized after starting the
 listeners and changing user so that logfiles are created with the right owner.
 For debugging reasons this option forces to do that earlier.


Call components and print the result to stdout instead of starting tntnet as a webserver

-q query-string

In -C mode pass this query string to the component. The option may be
 repeated multiple times to pass name-value-pairs easily.


tntnet -C -q arg1=35 -q arg2=7 -q op=/ calc@calc

calls the component calc@calc with query parameters and prints the result to stdout.


 The default configuration file.


 This is checked for the configuration file name if it is not specified on the
 command line.


tntnet was written by Tommi Mäkitalo  ⟨tommi@tntnet.org⟩.

This manual page was written by Kari Pahula  ⟨kaol@debian.org⟩, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

See Also

tntnet-project(1), ecpp(7), ecppc(1), tntnet.xml(7), tntnet-defcomp(1) Tntnet homepage ⟨http://www.tntnet.org⟩. More documentation can be found in /usr/share/doc/tntnet-doc/.

Tntnet July 23, 2006 tntnet(8)

Referenced By

ecpp(7), ecppc(1).

2006-07-23 Tntnet users guide