tlp-stat - Man Page

show power saving settings

Examples (TL;DR)


tlp-stat [options] [-- <config> ... ]


Show configuration, system information, active power saving settings and battery data.


-b,  --battery

Show battery data.

-c,  --config

Show configuration.

-d,  --disk

Show disk data.

-e,  --pcie

Show PCI(e) device data.

-g,  --graphics

Show graphics card data.

-p,  --processor

Show processor data.

-r,  --rfkill

Show radio device data.

-s,  --system

Show system information.

-t,  --temp

Show temperatures and fan speed.

-u,  --usb

Show USB device data.

-w,  --warn

Show warnings.

-P,  --pev

Monitor power supply udev events.


Show power supply diagnostic (view kernel data).

-T,  --trace

Show trace output.

-v,  --verbose

Be more verbose.

-- PARAM=value ...

Add parameters to temporarily overwrite the system configuration (for this program invocation only).



System-wide user configuration file, uncomment parameters here to override default settings and customization files below.


System-wide drop-in customization files, overriding defaults below.


Intrinsic default settings. DO NOT EDIT this file, instead use one of the above alternatives.


Effective settings consolidated from all above files. DO NOT CHANGE this file, it is for reference only and regenerated on every invocation of TLP.


Obsolete system-wide configuration file. DO NOT USE this file, it is evaluated only when /etc/tlp.conf is non-existent.

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