tlp - Man Page

apply laptop power saving settings

Examples (TL;DR)


tlp command [parameters] [-- <config> ... ]


Apply power saving settings manually and control ThinkPad battery features.



Initialize tlp and apply power saving settings according to the actual power source. Also use to apply a changed configuration.


Apply power saving settings for battery power source.


Same as bat.


Apply power saving settings for AC power source.


Same as ac.


Enable autosuspend for all USB devices, except blacklisted ones.


Turn off optical drive in UltraBay/MediaBay. The drive may be re-enabled by pulling the eject lever or pushing the media eject button on newer models.

setcharge [START_CHARGE STOP_CHARGE] [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)

Set charge thresholds of main (BAT0) or auxiliary (BAT1) battery temporarily. Values must be between 1 and 100, START_CHARGE must not exceed STOP_CHARGE - 4. Configured thresholds are restored upon next system boot-up. When called without arguments, configured thresholds are set.

fullcharge [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)

Set charge thresholds of main (BAT0) or auxiliary (BAT1) battery to factory presets (96/100) temporarily (causing a full charge). Configured thresholds are restored upon next system boot-up.

chargeonce [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)

Charge main (BAT0) or auxiliary (BAT1) battery to the stop charge threshold once (bypassing start threshold). Configured thresholds are restored upon next system boot-up.

discharge [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)

Force complete discharge of main (BAT0) or auxiliary (BAT1) battery.

recalibrate [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)

Battery recalibration: completely discharge main (BAT0) or auxiliary (BAT1) battery and recharge to 100%.


Show disk ids for configuration.

-- PARAM=value ...

Add parameters to temporarily overwrite the system configuration (for this program invocation only).


For ThinkPads with more than one battery the selection works as follows:

BAT0 - Main or internal battery

BAT1 - Ultrabay, Slice or replaceable battery


Apply thresholds of 70 / 90% to the main battery:

tlp setcharge 70 90 BAT0

Charge the auxiliary battery to full capacity:

tlp fullcharge BAT1

Recalibrate the main battery:

tlp recalibrate BAT0



System-wide user configuration file, uncomment parameters here to override default settings and customization files below.


System-wide drop-in customization files, overriding defaults below.


Intrinsic default settings. DO NOT EDIT this file, instead use one of the above alternatives.


Effective settings consolidated from all above files. DO NOT CHANGE this file, it is for reference only and regenerated on every invocation of TLP.


Obsolete system-wide configuration file. DO NOT USE this file, it is evaluated only when /etc/tlp.conf is non-existent.

Exit Status

On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.

See Also

tlp-stat(8), bluetooth(1), wifi(1), wwan(1).

Project homepage:


(c) 2020 Thomas Koch <linrunner at>

Referenced By

bluetooth(1), run-on-ac(1), run-on-bat(1), tlp_selinux(8), tlp.service(8), tlp-stat(8), wifi(1), wwan(1).

2020-01-31 TLP 1.3.0 Power Management