tlog-play man page

tlog-play — play back terminal I/O recorded by tlog-rec(8)


tlog-play [OPTION...]


Tlog-play is a playback program for terminal I/O recorded with tlog-rec(8).  It reproduces the recording on the terminal it's run under, and can't change its size, so the playback terminal size needs to match the recorded terminal size for proper playback.

Tlog-play loads its parameters from the system-wide configuration file /usr/local/etc/tlog/tlog-play.conf, which can be overridden with command-line options described below.


General options

-h, --help

Output a command-line usage message and exit

-v, --version

Output version information and exit

-f, --follow

Wait for and play back new messages

-r, --reader=STRING

Use STRING log reader (file/es, default file)

Value should be one of: "file", "es"

File reader options


Read log from FILE file

ElasticSearch reader options


ElasticSearch URL without query or fragment parts


ElasticSearch query



The system-wide configuration file


Play back contents of a file written with tlog-rec's "file" writer:

tlog-play -r file --file-path=recording.log

Play back a recording from ElasticSearch:

tlog-play -r es --es-baseurl=http://localhost:9200/tlog/tlog/_search --es-query=session:121

See Also

tlog-play.conf(5), tlog-rec(8)


Nikolai Kondrashov <>

Referenced By

tlog-play.conf(5), tlog-rec(8).

March 2016 Tlog