tinydns man page

tinydns ā€” DNS server.


tinydns [Options]


tinydns is a DNS server that answers DNS queries from other hosts with locally configured information. When invoked, tinydns reads from the configuration file and listens on UDP port 53 for the incoming requests. When a request is received, tinydns answers it by looking into `data.cdb' file placed under the ROOT directory specified in the configuration file.

Until version 1.05.8, tinydns used to read from `data.cdb' for each request it received and responded to. From version 1.05.9, tinydns reads `data.cdb' only ones at the beginning and later when signalled for the same via SIGUSR1.


-d <value>

print debug messages as per the debug level 1, 2 or 3.


run as a daemon.

-h --help

print this help.

-v --version

print version information.


SIGUSR1 - reload information from data.cdb file.





Report bugs to <pj.pandit@yahoo.co.in>


Prasad J Pandit