thin_dump - Man Page

dump thin provisioning metadata from device or file to standard output.


thin_dump [options] {device|file}


thin_dump dumps binary thin provisioning metadata (optionally from alternate block; see option --metadata-snap) created by the device-mapper thin provisioning target on a device or file to standard output for analysis or postprocessing in either XML or human readable format. XML formated metadata can be fed into thin_restore (see thin_restore(8)) in order to put it back onto a metadata device (to process by the device-mapper target) or file.

This tool cannot be run on live metadata unless the --metadata-snap option is used.


-h, --help

Print help and exit.

-V, --version

Print version information and exit.

-f, --format {xml|human_readable|custom}

Choose output format.

    Custom formats are supported via shared library plugins.  They should be
    specified as in this example:

      $ thin_dump --format /dev/sda
-r, --repair

Repair the metadata whilst dumping it.

-m, --metadata-snap{=<block nr>}

Dump metadata snapshot.

    If block is not provided, access the default metadata snapshot created by
    the thin provisioning device-mapper target, else try the one at block nr.
    See the thin provisioning target documentation on how to create or release
    a metadata snapshot and retrieve the block number from the kernel.
--dev-id {natural}

Dump the specified device.

    This option may be specified multiple times to select more than one thin

Do not dump the mappings.

-o {xml file}

Specify a file for the output rather than writing to stdout.


Dumps the thin provisioning metadata on logical volume /dev/vg/metadata to standard output in human readable format:

    $ thin_dump -f human_readable /dev/vg/metadata

Dumps the thin provisioning metadata on logical volume /dev/vg/metadata to standard output in XML format:

    $ thin_dump /dev/vg/metadata

Dumps the thin provisioning metadata snapshot on logical volume /dev/vg/metadata to standard output in human readable format (not processable by thin_restore(8)):

    $ thin_dump --format human_readable --metadata-snap /dev/vg/metadata


thin_dump returns an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for error.

See Also

thin_check(8), thin_repair(8), thin_restore(8), thin_rmap(8), thin_metadata_size(8)


Joe Thornber <>, Heinz Mauelshagen <>

Referenced By

lvconvert(8), lvmthin(7), thin_check(8), thin_delta(8), thin_ls(8), thin_metadata_size(8), thin_repair(8), thin_restore(8), thin_rmap(8), thin_trim(8).

Device Mapper Tools System Manager's Manual