thcsyn6 - Man Page


thcsyn6 [-aAcdDfrORS] [-i microsecond] [-m dstmac] [-p port] [-s sourceip6] interface target port


 -i      sending interval of packets (in microseconds)
 -a      add hop-by-hop header with router alert
 -d      add destination header (can be set up to 64 times)
 -f      add atomic fragmentation header (can be set up to 64 times)
 -A      send TCP-ACK packets
 -S      send TCP-SYN-ACK packets
 -r      randomize the source from your /64 prefix
 -R      randomize the source fully
 -D      randomize the destination (treat as /64)
 -O      add a TCP Fast Open cookie (SYN-only packets)
 -m dstmac     use this destination mac address
 -s sourceip6  use this as source IPv6 address
 -p port       use fixed source port

Flood the target port with TCP-SYN packets. If you supply "x" as port, it
is randomized.


thc-ipv6 was written by van Hauser <> / THC

The homepage for this toolkit is:


2024-01-27 THC IPv6