telepathy-idle man page

telepathy-idle — Telepathy connection manager for IRC




Idle implements the Telepathy D-Bus specification for Internet Relay Chat, allowing Telepathy clients like empathy(1) to connect to IRC servers.

It is a D-Bus service which runs on the session bus, and should usually be started automatically by D-Bus activation. However, it might be useful to start it manually for debugging.


There are no command-line options.


If set, debug output will go to the given file rather than to stderr. If + is prepended to the filename (e.g. IDLE_LOGFILE=+idle.log), debug output will be appended to the file; otherwise, any existing file will be replaced.
May be set to "all" for full debug output, or various undocumented options (which may change from release to release) to filter the output.

See Also

http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/, empathy(1)


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