tcppm - Man Page

TCP port mapper


tcppm [-d] [-l[[@]logfile]] [-iinternal_ip] [-eexternal_ip] local_port remote_host remote_port


tcppm forwards connections from local to remote TCP port



Inetd mode. Standalone service only.


Daemonise. Detach service from console and run in the background.


Be silenT. Do not log start/stop/accept error records.


External address. IP address of interface proxy should initiate connections from.  By default system will deside which address to use in accordance with routing table.


Internal address. IP address proxy accepts connections to. By default connection to any interface is accepted. It´s usually unsafe.


Log. By default logging is to stdout. If logfile is specified logging is to file. Under Unix, if ´@´ preceeds logfile, syslog is used for logging.


Increase or decrease stack size. You may want to try something like -S8192 if you experience 3proxy crashes.



- port tcppm accepts connection


- IP address of the host connection is forwarded to


- remote port connection is forwarded to


Any TCP based application can be used as a client. Use internal_ip and local_port as a destination in client application. Connection is forwarded to remote_host:remote_port


Report all bugs to

See Also

3proxy(8), proxy(8), ftppr(8), socks(8), pop3p(8), udppm(8), syslogd(8),


3proxy is designed by Vladimir 3APA3A Dubrovin (

Referenced By

3proxy(8), 3proxy.cfg(3), ftppr(8), pop3p(8), proxy(8), smtpp(8), socks(8).

January 2016 3proxy 0.8 Universal proxy server