systemd-veritysetup@.service - Man Page

Disk integrity protection logic





systemd-veritysetup@.service is a service responsible for setting up integrity protection (verity) block devices. It should be instantiated for each device that requires integrity protection.

At early boot and when the system manager configuration is reloaded kernel command line configuration for integrity protected block devices is translated into systemd-veritysetup@.service units by systemd-veritysetup-generator(8).

See Also

systemd(1), systemd-veritysetup-generator(8), veritysetup(8)

Referenced By

systemd.directives(7), systemd.index(7), systemd-veritysetup-generator(8), veritytab(5).

The man page systemd-veritysetup(8) is an alias of systemd-veritysetup@.service(8).

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