systemd-quotacheck.service man page

systemd-quotacheck.service, systemd-quotacheck — File system quota checker logic





systemd-quotacheck.service is a service responsible for file system quota checks. It is run once at boot after all necessary file systems are mounted. It is pulled in only if at least one file system has quotas enabled.

Kernel Command Line

systemd-quotacheck understands one kernel command line parameter:

One of auto, force, skip. Controls the mode of operation. The default is auto, and ensures that file system quota checks are done when the file system quota checker deems them necessary. force unconditionally results in full file system quota checks. skip skips any file system quota checks.

See Also

systemd(1), quotacheck(8), systemd-fsck@.service(8)

Referenced By

kernel-command-line(7), systemd.directives(7), systemd-fsck@.service(8), systemd.index(7).

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systemd-quotacheck(8) is an alias of systemd-quotacheck.service(8).