systemd-bus-proxyd man page

systemd-bus-proxyd — Connect STDIO or a socket to a given bus address


/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-bus-proxyd [OPTIONS...] [PLACEHOLDER]


systemd-bus-proxyd will proxy D-Bus messages to and from a bus. The will be either the system bus or the bus specified with --address when that option is given. Messages will be proxied to/from standard input and output, or the socket received through socket activation.

This program can be used to connect a program using classic D-Bus to kdbus.

Options and Arguments

The following options are understood:

Connect to the bus specified by ADDRESS. Multiple colon-separated addresses can be specified, in which case systemd-bus-proxyd will attempt to connect to them in turn.
-h, --help
Print a short help text and exit.
Print a short version string and exit.

PLACEHOLDER, if given, must be a string of x and will be used to display information about the process that systemd-bus-proxyd is forwarding messages for.

See Also

dbus-daemon(1), D-Bus

Referenced By

busctl(1), systemd-bus-proxyd.service(8).

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