systemd-backlight@.service - Man Page

Load and save the display backlight brightness at boot and shutdown



/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-backlight save [backlight|leds]:DEVICE

/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-backlight load [backlight|leds]:DEVICE


systemd-backlight@.service is a service that restores the display backlight brightness at early boot and saves it at shutdown. On disk, the backlight brightness is stored in /var/lib/systemd/backlight/. During loading, if the udev property ID_BACKLIGHT_CLAMP is not set to false, the brightness is clamped to a value of at least 1 or 5% of maximum brightness, whichever is greater. The percentage can be adjusted by specifying a percentage (needs to be suffixed with "%", e.g. "30%") to the property ID_BACKLIGHT_CLAMP.

Kernel Command Line

systemd-backlight understands the following kernel command line parameter:


Takes a boolean argument. Defaults to "1". If "0", does not restore the backlight settings on boot. However, settings will still be stored on shutdown.

Added in version 209.

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Referenced By

kernel-command-line(7), systemd.directives(7), systemd.index(7).

The man page systemd-backlight(8) is an alias of systemd-backlight@.service(8).

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