sysrepo-plugind - Man Page

sysrepo plugin daemon


sysrepo-plugind [-h] [-v LEVEL] [-d]


sysrepo-plugind is a simple daemon tool for loading sysrepo plugins. These are provided with a connection and session and all running in a single process.


-h,  --help

Prints usage help.

-V,  --version

Prints only information about sysrepo version.

-v,  --verbosity LEVEL

Change verbosity to a level. LEVEL can be a string or a number:
· none/0
· error/1 (default)
· warning/2
· info/3
· debug/4

-d,  --debug

Debug mode - is not daemonized and logs to stderr instead of syslog.

-P,  --plugin-install PATH

Install a sysrepo-plugind plugin. The plugin is simply copied to the designated plugin directory.

Environment variable $SRPD_PLUGINS_PATH overwrites the default plugins directory.

See Also (sysrepo home page) (sysrepo Git repository)


Michal Vasko <>


2021-10-07 sysrepo