sybilsim man page

sybilsim -- Cjdns packet switch


/usr/libexec/cjdns/sybilsim < config.json


Sybilsim reads a list of nodes and peers from stdin and simulates the corresponding mesh without any actual networking using the same code as cjdroute. This is useful for testing and optimizing cjdroute. Every node must have a valid cjdns private key. The makekeys(1) utility can be useful for scripts that generate the config.


Example config:

  "nodes": {
"alice": {
  "peers": []
"bob": {
  "peers": [ "alice" ]

Example use:

makekeys | head -20 >keys.txt
node /usr/libexec/cjdns/tools/lib/makesim.js keys.txt |

See Also

makekeys(1), cjdroute(1)


January 2017