sxreport-server man page

sxreport-server ā€” collect configuration and logs from SX nodes


sxreport-server [OPTIONS]


sxreport-server is used to collect configuration and error information from SX nodes. By default all sensitive information (such as IP addresses, URLs or usernames) is anonymized, making the report suitable for submission in a bugreport or public mailing list discussions.

-h, --help

Print help and exit


Print help, including hidden options, and exit

-V, --version

Print version and exit


Collect all available information (default mode).


Do not anonymize IP addresses, URLs, or cluster usernames (default: anonymize all sensitive information).


Print all messages corresponding to specified request ID.


Path to the /etc directory used by SX.

-o, --output=STRING

Save output to a given file (default: sxreport-server-<timestamp>.log in the current directory).


Append information from a specified file (- is stdin).

--all options:


Print static configuration only.


Print error messages from logs only (NOT anonymized).


Print information about cluster's status & health.


Print information about the node's local storage.

Calling sxreport without any options is equivalent to: sxreport --all If you need just a specific part, please use a corresponding option listed above. If you want to append more information run: sxreport --append=/path/to/file >> sxreport.log



Further Documentation

Full documentation with additional examples available at: <>

See Also

sxsetup(8), sxadm(8), sx.fcgi(8), sxfcgi.conf(5)


April 2015 sxreport-server 2.3 Skylable SX Manual