stratisd - Man Page

Daemon to create and monitor storage pools




stratisd creates, manages, and monitors local storage pools. It is controlled by the user with the stratis command-line tool, or using D-Bus.

Stratis pools created from one or more block devices (blockdevs), and then enables multiple filesystems to be created from the pool.

Typically, Stratisd is not invoked by the user, but runs as a system service.

Global Options


Run with a simulated engine that does not actually perform storage configuration, instead of the default engine.


Specify the log level for log messages. Only messages with severity at or above the level specified will be emitted. If this option is omitted, stratisd respects the RUST_LOG environment variable. Otherwise, stratisd uses the default log level, which is error.

--help, ā€‰-h

Show help.

See Also


Reporting Bugs & Development

GitHub for issues and development, against either stratis-cli or stratisd projects, based on likelihood of issue being with the command-line tool or the service daemon.

Mailing list for general development discussion


stratisd is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, Version 2.0. Software distributed under this license is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either expressed or implied.

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