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stonith_admin - Man Page

Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


stonith_admin <command> [<options>]


stonith_admin - Access the Pacemaker fencing API


Help Options

-?,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show output help


Show device definition help


Show query help


Show fence help


Show additional options

Output Options


Specify output format as one of: text (default), html, xml


Specify file name for output (or "-" for stdout)


Add CGI headers (requires --output-as=html)


Link to an external stylesheet (requires --output-as=html)


Specify a page title (requires --output-as=html)

Device Definition Commands

-R,  --register=DEVICE

Register the named stonith device. Requires: --agent. Optional: --option, --env-option.

-D,  --deregister=DEVICE

De-register the named stonith device.

-r,  --register-level=TARGET

Register a stonith level for the named target, specified as one of NAME, @PATTERN, or ATTR=VALUE. Requires: --index and one or more --device entries.

-d,  --deregister-level=TARGET

Unregister a stonith level for the named target, specified as for --register-level. Requires: --index


-l,  --list=HOST

List devices that can terminate the specified host. Optional: --timeout

-L,  --list-registered

List all registered devices. Optional: --timeout.

-I,  --list-installed

List all installed devices. Optional: --timeout.

-s,  --list-targets=DEVICE

List the targets that can be fenced by the named device. Optional: --timeout.

-M,  --metadata

Show agent metadata. Requires: --agent. Optional: --timeout.

-Q,  --query=DEVICE

Check the named device's status. Optional: --timeout.

-H,  --history=NODE

Show last successful fencing operation for named node (or '*' for all nodes). Optional: --timeout, --cleanup, --quiet (show only the operation's epoch timestamp), --verbose (show all recorded and pending operations), --broadcast (update history from all nodes available).

-h,  --last=NODE

Indicate when the named node was last fenced. Optional: --as-node-id.

-K,  --validate

Validate a fence device configuration. Requires: --agent. Optional: --option, --env-option, --quiet (print no output, only return status).

Fencing Commands

-F,  --fence=HOST

Fence named host. Optional: --timeout, --tolerance, --delay.

-U,  --unfence=HOST

Unfence named host. Optional: --timeout, --tolerance, --delay.

-B,  --reboot=HOST

Reboot named host. Optional: --timeout, --tolerance, --delay.

-C,  --confirm=HOST

Tell cluster that named host is now safely down.

Additional Options

-c,  --cleanup

Cleanup wherever appropriate. Requires --history.

-b,  --broadcast

Broadcast wherever appropriate.

-a,  --agent=AGENT

The agent to use (for example, fence_xvm; with --register, --metadata, --validate).

-o,  --option=PARAM

Specify a device configuration parameter as NAME=VALUE (may be specified multiple times; with --register, --validate).

-e,  --env-option=PARAM

Specify a device configuration parameter with the specified name, using the value of the environment variable of the same name prefixed with OCF_RESKEY_ (may be specified multiple times; with --register, --validate).

-T,  --tag=TAG

Identify fencing operations in logs with the specified tag; useful when multiple entities might invoke stonith_admin (used with most commands).

-v,  --device=DEVICE

Device ID (with --register-level, device to associate with a given host and level; may be specified multiple times) (with --validate, name to use to load CIB secrets).

-i,  --index=LEVEL

The stonith level (1-9) (with --register-level, --deregister-level).

-t,  --timeout=SECONDS

Operation timeout in seconds (default 120; used with most commands).

-y,  --delay=SECONDS

Apply a fencing delay in seconds. Any static/random delays from pcmk_delay_base/max will be added, otherwise all disabled with the value -1 (default 0; with --fence, --reboot, --unfence).

-n,  --as-node-id

(Advanced) The supplied node is the corosync node ID (with --last).


(Advanced) Do nothing if an equivalent --fence request succeeded less than this many seconds earlier (with --fence, --unfence, --reboot).

Application Options

-$,  --version

Display software version and exit

-V,  --verbose

Increase debug output (may be specified multiple times)

-q,  --quiet

Be less descriptive in output.


Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://bugz.fedoraproject.org/pacemaker


July 2024 Pacemaker 2.1.8-0.1.rc3.fc41 System Administration Utilities