stalld - Man Page

detect starving threads and boost them


stalld [ -l ] [ -v ] [ -k ] [ -s ] [ -f ] [ -h ] [ -c cpu-list] [ -p time-in-ns ] [ -r time-in-ns ] [ -d time-in-sec ] [ -t time-in-sec ]


stalld is a system daemon that monitors thread for the starvation condition. Starvation occurs when a thread sits on a cpu run-queue for longer than the starvation-threshold, meaning the thread has not been allowed to run for threshold seconds. The thread is boosted using the SCHED_DEADLINE policy and given a time period to run. Once it uses this boost period, the thread is returned to its original scheduling policy.



how long (in seconds) a thread must starve before being boosted [60 s]


SCHED_DEADLINE period in nanoseconds for a starving thread [1000000000 ns]


SCHED_DEADLINE runtime in nanoseconds for a starving thread [20000 ns]


duration in seconds the starving thread will run [ 3 s]


force using SCHED_FIFO for boosting


only log information, do no boosting [false]


print action informtion to stdout [false]


log information to the kernel buffer [false]


print information to syslog [true]


run in the foreground [false (true with -v)]


write dameon pid to specified file [none]


dispatch one thread per cpu run-queue, even if thre are no starving threads (uses more power). [false]


print options



parameter file for systemd startup


systemd unit file


stalld executable




Daniel Bristot de Oliveira ( Juri Lelli (